Sunday, December 13, 2009

Weekend Sports Edition: Tiger Woods And Double Standards

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife multiple times. These affairs were not ones of the heart. Apparently, he was a serial womanizer with a rapacious appetite for casual sex. He is not the first professional athlete to be so afflicted and he certainly will not be the last. He will recover from this scandal and win more tournaments whether or not he gets divorced. But let us delve deeper into the sociological aspects of this story. We know what the public reaction is to Tiger's transgressions. But suppose Tiger's wife had engaged in the same conduct he did? In other words, imagine the reaction if Tiger had woken up at 2 30 am to discover that his wife had been carrying on an affair with some young buck while he was playing golf for the past few years. And then once the story became public, a slew of similarly situated men surfaced to tell their tale of having had casual sex with his wife, each story seemingly more salacious than the other. She would have been roundly denounced as a slut, a whore, and run out of this country, unable to show her face in public. Tiger would have been the object of everyone's sympathy. If you are a man, ask yourself this question: If you found out your wife had had sex with over 100 men in the past three years, including threesomes while you were at work, would you stay with her? Of course not. But when a man engages in that conduct, we roll our eyes, laugh, and wonder about how it will affect his ability to make money. Amazing.

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  1. You are completely correct as to double standards.

    But absent his unique status as a golfing legend and massive marketing icon, there's not much to talk about with this story.