Saturday, July 5, 2014

Razor Blades

Like 99% of men in this country, I hate shaving. Granted, with the iPod, it is a bit more tolerable as I can listen to my favorite podcasts. I use the top of the line products which means Schick Quattro or Gillette Fusion. Both great razors.
What makes the practice more miserable is the cost of the blades. You pay a very reasonable price for the actual razor. But then you get gauged on the razors themselves. I think I pay $4.00 per razor. I use one a week. So it gets expensive. I can afford it but it is a thorn in my side. Sort of like getting hit up for a $7.00 bottle of cold water on the golf course as you finish your first nine. You pay it but it ain't fun. Now, thanks to the wonders of EBay, this economic irritant need not exist. I bought this plastic strip 3 months ago after looking for some cheaper blades. For the price, it was worth wasting the risk that it was not what it promised.
This nondescript plastic/rubber strip is nothing short of a miracle. You simply wet a blade and move it ten times across the strip in the opposite direction that you shave. Do this once a week. I have now been using the same blade for 14 weeks! Each shave is the equivalent of using a new blade. Here is the link on e bay. You would think they would market this and put the behemoths of shaving out of business.

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